Tours – the Best Way to Meet St. Petersburg Ladies

Our St. Petersburg on-line marriage agency is happy to share with you a great possibility to meet St. Petersburg single women, looking for a foreign partner, tours to St. Petersburg! These tours are regarded as the best in dating industry. What are the tours?

Tours, or socials represent several days (usually 3) of specially organized events in the best clubs and restaurants of the city where you can meet gorgeous St. Petersburg single ladies in flesh, get to know them, arrange private dates and much more.

We care about our clients, so we do everything depending on us, for our clients to feel comfortable and relaxed that is why our socials are held in the most prestigious restaurants, clubs and banquet halls that are exclusively reserved for the groups of men. Our marriage agency attracts more women and, be sure, high quality women to these events. These parties have plenty room to mingle, romantic atmosphere and soft music are guaranteed. Fine foods, bar service and dance floor are at your disposal for your enjoyment.

Every tour lasts long enough (as a rule, 5-6 hours) so that you can have enough time to meet many ladies each day, not rushing into things.

Every tour is attended by several hundreds of gorgeous, educated, family-oriented and sincere women. They are all different, but share in common a belief in traditional values and their wish to find that special one. Be sure St. Petersburg women, attending socials are eager to be there. Some of the ladies even travel long distances to attend these events in hope to meet their one and only.

At our tours you will have a chance to speak to many women and even with some of them at the same time. It is ok, since the goal of these events is meeting as many ladies as possible. As a rule, men feel more relaxed and in for communication on the second or third tour, rather than at first one, so they tend to meet more women.

All women that attend our tours attend them by special invitation only. If you meet a woman that you are interested to get to know better, you can take her phone number and continue your communication in private.

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